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Speedtest France  

What you are testing is not just the speed into your computer, but the speed of the slowest link between you and the test server. For accurate results it is advised that you do not use the computer during the test.  On this page please click on the location of interest. This will take you to the location.  Or just take the broadband speed test below 


60millions   Paris, Ile-de-france
Actuneuf Speedzilla Paris
Alaide Test de bande passante Verdun
Aideinfo Speedtest 5.1 Grenoble
Araxe Speedtest4 Roubaix
Arpajon Traceroute et Speedtest4 Paris
as.chez.tiscali Speedtest4 Paris, Ile-de-france
Baignoire Speedzilla Swis
BBox News Speedzilla Paris 
Bouras Speedtest4 Paris 
bw.sdv Test de bande passante Strasbourg
Caranet Test de bande passante Paris
Catoux Speedtest4 Paris
Chezbaya Speedtest4 Paris
Club Internet Javascript Igny
CRS Speedtest4 Vandoeuvre-les-nancy, Meurthe-et-moselle (department), Lorraine
DegroupTest Ookla Roubaix
DSLvalley Speedzilla Roubaix
Eguinard Speedtest4 Paris
Freeks Speedzilla Roubaix
Fridim Thermom�tre     Limoges
Gilles Speedtest4 up to 2Mb    Paris
Gilles Speedtest5 up to 20Mb Paris
Haydont Speedtest4. Ce script a �t� adapt� pour prendre en compte les nouveaux d�bits ADSL2+. Paris
Jexiste Speedtest4 Lyon Speedtest4 Paris
Journaldunet Flash Suresnes
Lycos   SWEDEN!!!
Mediateur Speedtest4  Bouches-du-rhone, cote D'azur
Mire Speedtest4 Billancourt
Mire.neuf   Billancourt
MySpeed Visualware speedtest Paris
My-speedtest Ookla Berlin
Numion Images Leiden  Pays Bas
Pepsimax Speedtest4 Paris
Perso Speedtest4 Paris   Roubaix
Suckmyclick Speedtest4 Paris
Teaser Speedtest4 Paris, Ile-de-france
Techmicrotoulouse Speedtest4 Toulouse
Test Upload et download Java Roubaix
Test Speedzilla Paris
Test ligne adsl Speedzilla  
Webmaster test ADSL  
Whoetbe Speedtest 5.1  
ZDNet Thermom�tre