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What you are testing is not just the speed into your computer, but the speed of the slowest link between you and the test server. For accurate results it is advised that you do not use the computer during the test.  On this page please click on the the location of interest. This will take you to the location.  Or just take the broadband speed test below


Name Location Server Type speedtest
ADSL speed test Florence  
Alpikom Trento PHP
Assiplan Frosinone, Lazio  
Bonvi Soci, Emilia-Romagna  
Capotecnico Soci, Emilia-Romagna Java Paba Software
Carloneworld Milano
Chisono Genova Mini
CPS-Divingclub Milano  Java Paba Software
Cyclops Milano  
Digilander Milano Java Paba Software
Helpadsl Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Termometro
Imolanet Imola, Emilia-Romagna  
Infolab Foggia, Puglia Java Paba Software
Libero Milano Java speedtest
Mambro Milano  
MCLink Roma  
My speedtest Berlin, Germany Ookla test
MySpeed Florence Visualware speedtest
NGI ?? Ookla test
Pabosoftware Florence Java Paba Software
Palermo club United States??? Sympatico HSE
Sostariffe Milano Ookla test
Spaziolink Genova free ookla applet
Speedtest Italia Berlin Germany Ookla applet
Visualroute Milano My Speed Live
Webalice Roma   Java Paba Software