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Free virus removal tools

The following removal tools can be run one at a time if you suspect you have one of these specific viruses or you cannot get your anti-virus software to install properly. Most of the viruses have agents that prevent install of anti-virus software after infection.
AOL.Trojan.32512 Symantec
Autoupder Symantec
Avril Sophos
BadTrans Panda
Bad Trans.b Symantec, Panda,  Sophos
Bagle.A@mm Panda Bitdefender Symantec Sophos AntiVir F-Secure Norman McAfee
Bagle.B@mm Bitdefender Panda Symantec McAfee
Bagle.C@mm McAfee Bitdefender
Bagle.E.@mm Bitdefender
Bagle.F.@mm Bitdefender
Bagle.H@mm Symantec, Bitdefender
Bagle(j-k)@mm Bitdefender
Bagle.M@mm Symantec, Bitdefender
Bagle.N@mm Symantec, Sophos, Panda, McAfee,
Bagle.U@mm Trend Micro Symantec, McAfee, Panda, Bitdefender
Bagle.Q@mm Trend Micro Symantec, Panda, Bitdefender
Bagle.V@mm Bitdefender
Bagle.AF@mm Bitdefender, McAfee, Panda
Bagle.AI@mm Sophos McAfee Trend
Bagle.AT Trend
Bagle.AU Trend
Bagle.BC Panda
Bat.Mumu.A Symantec
Bat.Mumu.B Symantec
Benjamin BitDefender
Braid.A (Bride) Panda, Symantec, BitDefender
Buddylist Symantec
Bugbear-A@MM BitDefender, Symantec, McAfee, Panda , F-Secure, Norman, Trend
Bymer.A Norman
Cih Symantec F-Secure
CodeRed BitDefender, Symantec,Trend Micro,Sophos
CodeRed.F Symantec, Trend Micro
Corica Trend Micro
Dadinu Panda
Datom BitDefender
Disemboweler Panda
Donk.D Sophos
Doomjuice A and B Microsoft
Dumaru Symantec, McAfee, Bitdefender
Dumaru.Y Symantec, Bitdefender, McAfee
EwploreZip.Worm Symantec
Femot.Worm Symantec
Flcss Sophos
Fleming Trend Micro
Fortnight Panda
Fortnight.B Panda
Fortnight.C Panda
Fortnight.D Panda
Fortnight.E Panda
Frethem BitDefender  Symantec
Gibe Symantec
Gigger Trend Micro
Gink Trend Micro
Goner Symantec
Goner.A Symantec
Happy99.Worm Symantec
Haptime Symantec, Panda
HLLW.QAZ.A Symantec
HybrisF Symantec
JS_JECT.A Trend micro
I-Worm.Magistr.A BitDefender
I-Worm.Prolin BitDefender
Kakworm Symantec
Klez.E@mm BitDefender, Symantec, Kaspersky , F-Secure, McAfee
Klez.F Panda (Windows 9.x/Me)
Panda (Windows NT/2000/XP)
Klez.I Panda
Klez all variants (including variants of Win32:Elkern) Avast
K0wbot BitDefender
Kriz Symantec , Panda
Lentin.E Panda
Lirva Panda Software, Sophos, Trend Micro, McAfee (Stinger) BitDefender
Loveletter Symantec
Lovegate (all versions) Bitdefender
Magistr Symantec
MTX Symantec, Panda
Mydoom.A Panda
Mydoom.(variants A, B, D, F-H - including the trojan horse)A Avast
Mydoom A, B and C Microsoft
MyLife Symantec
Nimda Panda
Nimda.A BitDefender, Symantec
Nimda.D Panda
Nimda.E Symantec, BitDefender, McAfee, Trend Micro
Navidad Symantec, Panda
Opaserv.A BitDefender
Opaserv.D Panda
Opaserv.Worm BitDefender, Symantec , Panda, F-Secure, Trend Micro
Potok Symantec
PrettyPark.Worm Symantec
Reeezak.A@mm Panda
Sasser A, B,C, D and E Panda
Sasser A, B,C, D, E and F Microsoft
SirCam Bitdefender, McAfee, Symantec, Panda , F-Secure, Avast
Stages Symantec
Stream Symantec
VBS.Haptime Symantec
VBS.Loveletter Symantec, Panda
VBS.Stages.A Symantec
VBS.Potok Symantec
Vote Panda
W2K.Stream Symantec
W32.Badtrans Avast
W32.Badtrans.B@mm Symantec
W32.Bagle.AI@mm Sophos McAfee
W32.Blackmal.B@mm Symantec
W32.Blaster.worm Symantec Trend Micro
W32.Blaster.worm             (aka Lovsan), variants A-M Avast
W32.Beagle (aka Bagle), variants A-L, U, W, X Avast
W32.Bobax.fam (a,b,c) Mcafee
W32.Bugbear.B.@mm Symantic, Panda
W32.Bugbear.C.@mm Bitdefender
W32.Bugbear including B and E variant Avast
W32.Donk.Q Symantec
W32.Evaman@mm Bitdefender, Trend Micro
W32.Fizzer.A@mm BitDefender F-secure Panda, Trend Micro
W32.Frethem.J/K@mm BitDefender, Symantec , Panda
W32.Ganda Avast
W32.Gibe@mm Symantec
W32.Erkez.B@mm Symantec
W32.Klez all variants (including variants of Win32:Elkern) Avast
W32.Korgo F,H,I,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R Symantec
W32.Korgo A,B,C,P Bitdefender
W32.Nimda Avast
W32.Nimda Avast
W32.Lovegate (all versions) Bitdefender
W32.LovGate.C Bitdefender Trend Micro
W32/Lovesan McAfee
Win32:Nachi [Wrm] (aka Welchia, variants A-G) Avast
Win32:Netsky [Wrm] (aka Moodown, variants A-U) Avast
W32.Netsky.B@mm Trend Micro
W32.Netsky.X@mm (B,C,D,E,K,P,Q,S,T,X,) Symantec
W32.Netsup.a@mm Mcafee
W32.Nimda Avast
W32.Magistr.B@mm BitDefender, Panda , F-Secure, Trend Micro
W32.Mimail.C@mm Bitdefender
W32.Mimail.I@mm Bitdefender
W32.Mimail.J@mm Bitdefender
W32.Mimail, variants A, C, E, I-N, Q, S-U Avast
W32.MyDoom (A,B,F,N and O) Sophos
W32.Mydoom.M@mm Symantec
W32.Myparty.A@mm Bitdefender
W32.Opas(aka Opasoft, Opaserv) Avast
W32.Palyh.A@mm Bitdefender
W32.Parparo.worm Mcafee
W32.Randex.D Symantec
W32.Sasser Symamtec McAfee 
W32.Sasser A, B,C,D and E Panda
W32.Sasser.worm Symantec
W32.Sasser.B.worm Symantec
W32.Sasser.C.worm Symantec
W32.Sasser.worm Symantec
W32.Scold Avast
W32.Sircam Avast
W32/Slanper Sophos Symantec
W32.Sober.D@mm Bitdefender
W32.Sobig.A BitDefender
W32.Sobig.B@mm Symantec
W32.Sobig.F@mm Bitdefender Symantec F-Secure Sophos
W32/Sober@mm Symantec
W32/Sober-A Sophos BitDefender
W32/Sober.B@mm Symantec
W32/Sober-C Sophos Symantec
Win32:Sober [Wrm], variants A-F Avast
Win32:Sobig [Wrm], including variants B-F Avast
W32.Swen.A@mm Symantic Norman Bullguard
W32.Updatr.A@mm BitDefender, Panda
W32.Welchia.worm Symantec
W32.Worm.Benjamin BitDefender
W32/Zafi McAfee Bitdefender
W95.CIH Symantec, F-Secure
Win32.Worm.Bobax A-C Bitdefender
Win32.Msblast.A Bitdefender
Win32.Novarg.A@mm Bitdefender
Win32.Zafi.B@mm Bitdefender
W32.Yaha@mm Panda, BitDefender, F-Secure, Sophos, McAfee, Trend Micro Avast
Winevar Symantec, Trend Micro
Worm.ExploreZip Symantec
Worm_RATOS.A Trend
Worm_Zafi.D Trend a2
Wscript.Kakworm Symantec , Panda
Wscript.Kakworm.B Symantec
Yaha Symantec
Yahaa BitDefender
Yahaa.K BitDefender
Zafi.B F-Secure
Zobot Microsoft